International Advanced Course on Elbow Surgery 2023


I learned more about the Elbow at this meeting than in any other. This is the best meeting in the World if you are an Elbow Surgeon.

The scientific quality of the meeting is very high and it ‘s lovely that we see more and more young people they are interested in the elbow.

This is the best Elbow Course in the World actually. It’s really the most comprehensive that it’s available and just focuses on the Elbow which is pretty unique.

They should always attend, this is the best Elbow Course there is in the World. The quality of the talks is very high, the friendship is excellent, you are able to learn a lot in a really good atmosphere.

That’s actually the gathering of the most experienced and probably the best experts on Elbow surgery all over the world.

I’ve seen it growing, it is a very good atmosphere with a very good scientific background and very good people around, so I like this Course very much.

I think that the focus on the Elbow is spectacular here, I’ve never seen a Course with such high quality in Faculty. This is the best Elbow Course that they will attend this year and they should absolutely come to it.